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December's inspiration

My big news this month is that my friend and fellow illustrator Wiggy Cheung and I will be at the House of Illustration in King's Cross, London, at the Illustrators' Christmas Fair this Saturday, 9th of December 2017. Stop by and say 'hello'!

I've been busy drawing, folding and printing over the past weeks. I created a set of three Christmas card designs - penguins playing in the snow, hedgehogs and field mice in their burrows, and a woodland snowflake with robins, squirrels, and foxes.

I also created origami star ornaments in silver and gold. Each ornament has a bell inside and hangs from a thin ribbon. I'm unendingly pleased by my purchase of a magenta mini Christmas tree to display my ornaments for the fair.

Finally, I'm in the process of printing new holiday and winter themed linocut designs, which will be coming soon.

After this weekend, I'll get some much needed rest and see family and friends for Christmas. After the new year, I'll be back to my ongoing children's book project, Tempi.

Happy holidays! xx

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