Making of a design - bee pattern

September and October are the last push on my children's book, but I've also been taking time to create some pattern designs. I recently finished a design featuring honeybees and various wild flowers. Earlier in the summer, I had the idea to create a series of nature-inspired patterns with an environmental message. I’ve already written about creating my first design, inspired by marine life and the effects of plastic pollution. My second design in the series is quite a straight-forward floral design at first glance. I have a square of Liberty 'Windrush' fabric that I framed and hung on my wall, and I’ve wanted to create a similar design for a long time. I love how the dark background really

September's inspiration

After a jam-packed summer, it’s nice to have some down time in September. In mid-August, my family and Alexej’s family went to Georgia for Alexej’s mother’s birthday. We had a great time exploring Tbilisi’s restaurants, and visited a winery, a mountain monastery, and ancient cities built into the sandstone cliffs. We ate khachapuri (Georgian cheesy bread) nearly every meal and drank a lot of wine and bright green tarragon lemonade. I’m hoping to write another post about our trip soon. It’s also nice to settle back into work and routine, and find some time for all the projects I’ve wanted to work on this summer. The new academic year doesn’t start properly until October, so I still have Septe

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