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International Sloth Day 2019

Today is International Sloth Day and I'll be celebrating by sharing lots of fun information about these amazing animals. For instance, did you know that sloths can live to be 50-years-old? That's around 90 in human years! The world's oldest sloth, Paula, lives in Halle Zoo in Germany. You can read more about her here.

To celebrate, I'm also giving away a copy of my new early-years children's book about a sloth, Baby Tempi! Details about how to enter are on my Instagram.

Last year for International Sloth Day, I set myself the challenge of creating a whole mini-book about sloths! You can read Tempi's Book of Slow online.

For more info about sloths and Tempi, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or like my Facebook page!

Tempi celebrates International Sloth Day!
Tempi celebrates International Sloth Day!


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