As I mention in my previous post, Alexej and I visited Berlin a few weeks ago. We flew in on Friday evening and our first stop on Saturday was a visit to the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart. The museum is known for its large collection of Joseph Beuys’ work. In their current exhibition of installation art, ‘moving is in every direction’, the museum includes Beuys work, as well as that of several other artists from the 60’s up until present day. Adrian Piper's 'The Probable Trust Registry'. Josef Beuys' 'Richtkraefte einer neuen Gesellschaft' and 'Filzanzug' (far wall). Detail of 'Richtkraefte einer neuen Gesellschaft' by Joseph Beuys. Joseph Beuys' 'Das Kapital Raum'. Thomas Schütte's

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