Awe-inspiring nature, beautiful women, erotic scenes, fierce warriors, famous actors, and dramatic folklore … just some of the subjects that make up the imagery of the lavish ‘floating world’ (ukiyo) of Edo-period Japan (1615-1865). A growing merchant class enjoyed an increasingly decadent life-style, entertained by the drama and violence of the kabuki theatre and its lineage of famous actors. Just as revered, yet slightly more exclusive were the beautiful courtesans and geishas of the Yoshiwara pleasure district in the central city of Edo (now Tokyo). A boom in ‘images of the floating world’ (ukiyo-e) depicting these two main themes came when woodblock printing allowed them to be mass-produ


If you've already visited my new Etsy shop, you will have seen my owl and moon print designs which make use of silver ink and hand-drawn silver pen details. My upcoming print designs will also incorporate metallic details in gold and bronze. Late winter is an appealing time for using metallics, because they work so well against darker colours. I love silver on a cool colour palette of grey or midnight blue and gold on warm colours like plum or burgundy. The full effect of the way metallic colours shine in the light can only be seen in person. Similarly, with my owl and moon prints, the black ink almost blends into the midnight blue background at certain angles, making only the silver stars,


Hello, welcome to my new website and blog! My website features many of the same images as before, with a few more recent additions. Two of the most exciting bits of news from 2014 and 2015 are, firstly, that I got married ... twice (same husband, different continents), and secondly, that my husband, Alexej, had his first book published by Edinburgh University Press, and I was able to create an illustration for the cover! I have included some of the illustrations I created for the two weddings, as well as the cover art for Alexej's book, Multicultural Immunisation, on the website. I'm really pleased to have this blog integrated with the website. I hope it's a useful platform to share news abo

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