Making of a design - Highgate Cemetery

In the second year of my illustration course, I did a project about the Magnificent Seven Cemeteries in London. At the time in 2008, I visited all seven cemeteries and took photos, but with the other projects at the time, it sort of fell by the wayside. I’ve been wanting to return to the project since then. Last year, I started working on two designs for Highgate Cemetery. I created two backgrounds in charcoal pencil, one of the Circle of Lebanon, and one of the Egyptian Avenue. My idea was to show some of the famous burials at Highgate in ghostly form. I liked the idea of famous residents such as Christina Rossetti, Lizzie Siddal, Georgiana Houghton, Radclyffe Hall, Leslie Hutchinson and Mi

Mental health awareness

Today is World Mental Health Awareness Day, and mental health has really been at the forefront of my mind lately. Recent experiences have brought to light just how important it is to share our mental health issues with supportive people. I know someone who recently took their own life due to a struggle with depression. I wish that we as a society could work towards preventing this happening. Please, talk to someone supportive about your mental health issues. Please, everyone who has struggled with mental health, if you feel up to sharing your experiences and what helped you, please do. I know my own experiences of mental health issues weren’t as severe as others, but they did affect me quite

October's inspiration

September was a busy month - the 17th marked ten years since I moved to the UK, my parents were visiting London at the end of the month, and the new academic year is starting which means work is fairly hectic, but also exciting. Halloween decorations One of my favourite things about October are my kitschy Halloween decorations. A lot of these were bought when we visited the U.S. last September. Some of my favourites, like the sequin Mardi Gras masks and the St James Infirmary Jazz Band poster were bought during our trip to New Orleans which I’ve written about in a previous post. The British don’t seem to go as all-out for Halloween as Americans do. In the suburbs where I grew up, most houses

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