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Meet Baby Tempi

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This early-years book tells the story of Tempi, a Hoffmann's two-toed baby sloth from Central America. Tempi lives in an imaginary London inhabited only by animals. 

The story follows Tempi and his mum from sunrise to sunset, as they wake up, eat leaves, and play with their penguin friends next to the canal. One of the penguins dives in, making a big splash and ... oh no, Tempi is soaked! No problem, he dries off with the help of his mum, and continues with his day. The book contains a subtle message of resilience for little ones.

Illustrated with bold shapes, bright colours, and playful details, Baby Tempi is a visual treat for children and parents alike. Tempi's story is told in gentle, rhyming onomatopoeia, making for a fun experience reading aloud.

eep - nom nom - cheep

Meet Tempi

Tempi is an ongoing, full-length children's book project.

This little sloth moves to the beat of his own drum.

The story of how Tempi learns to make music is told in pictures and onomatopoeia.

Tempi's Book of Slow

Celebrating all things   s   l   o   w . . .

Find out more about sloths, and the lessons they can teach us about living slowly. 

This mini-book is also a flip-book, showing Tempi celebrating on the right-hand pages. 

Originally created for International Sloth Day, 20 October 2018.

Read Tempi's Book of Slow online.

Tempi's Book of Slow.jpg

My Brother is a Zombie

Could your older brother be a zombie?

He sure looks and acts like one! He doesn't eat brains, but he really likes spaghetti and meatballs, being messy, waking up late, and watching TV.

He may be a zombie, but hey, he's still your brother.

This children's book was a final-year project I completed while studying on the BA Illustration course at Camberwell College of Arts in 2010.

Read My Brother is a Zombie online.

My Brother is a Zombie - front cover
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