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Wedding designs

This time last year, Alexej and I were busy with planning our wedding, and two of our close friends have upcoming weddings this July. Hearing about their plans has made me miss the whole wedding planning process, even though it was so stressful and time-consuming. I really enjoyed being able to plan a whole event that expressed our personality as a couple. We both love music: Alexej spent many hours perfecting our wedding playlists, our friend Elisa played 'Satellite of Love' by Lou Reed on the flute as I walked down the aisle, we chose 'Waiting for Somebody' by Paul Westerberg to play as we recessed, and 'Put The Flame On It' by Charles Bradley was our first dance. We also asked our friends to contribute their artistic talents, Wiggy made a calligraphy sign, Steev wrote and read a poem for the ceremony, and Yana made Russian-doll cake toppers. As an illustrator, the wedding stationary and signage was a big part of the event for me. I didn't want a traditional wedding invitation, so ours was a postcard with a photo of us on Hampstead Heath right after Alexej proposed. I created a ukiyo-e inspired design that I superimposed over the background of the photo and decided to go for a vibrant shade of green, close to the emeralds in my engagement ring. The invitations were sent out in silver envelopes with a round sticker with our initials.




The invitations really ended up setting up the whole look of the wedding. I used the design on the rest of the stationary and signage, in either green or pale grey. I used a beautiful 20's-style font called Champagne and Limousines for the text. Because London is so important to our relationship, each table at the reception was named after an area of the city that had a certain significance to us, and the seating plan was modelled after a tube line plan.




Our friends Elisa and Palani are getting married in July this year, and they asked me to help design their wedding invitations. Elisa had already picked out a fabric for her wedding dress, and I used it as inspiration for the floral design. The calligraphy was created by another friend of Elisa and Palani's, Kully.



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