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This fun print features animals from all over the world playing musical instruments from all over the world. This design is perfect for animal lovers and music lovers alike, and celebrates multiculturalism.


A giraffe sings, a fruit bat plays the finger cymbals, a lion performs spoken word, a rockhopper penguin plays the saxophone, a spider monkey plays electric guitar, a tamandua and her baby play panpipes and the flute, a frog sings, a badger plays the balalaika, and a fox and her baby play the cello and the concertina. They are set against an urban backdrop with music note graffiti. 


The design was taken from the back cover of my children's book in progress, Tempi. For more information on this project, please see


The design is a digital print on heavy-weight A4 recycled card stock. Please note that because the paper is recycled, the colours are slightly more subdued than in the second image. The durability of the card stock means that the print can be framed, or hung on the wall on as it is.

Animal musicians - A4 print

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